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Game Cosplay Costumes

Fate/Grand Order Ozy...

$146.80 Ex Tax: $146.80

Works Name:Fate/Grand OrderCharacter:OzymandiasColor: Picture ColorStyle types:Game Cosplay CostumesInclude:Coat+Kimono blouse+Skirt+Scarf+Belt+Waist ornament+Two toe socks+Wristband+Ear clip+Gold hanging piece Size:XSSMLXLHeightcm145-150150-155155-160160-165165-170Bustcm/inch..

Fate/Grand Order Roy...

$183.80 Ex Tax: $183.80

Works Name: Fate/Grand OrderCharacter: Anastasia Color: Picture ColorStyle types: Game Cosplay CostumesInclude: Cloak+Skirt+Sleeveless Top+Sleeves+Waistband+Neck Ornament+Hand Sleeve+Hair Hoop+Pearl Net+Necklace+Head Hoop Ornament Flower Size:XSSMLXLHeightcm/inch145-150150-155..

Fate/Grand Order Sca...

$108.80 Ex Tax: $108.80

Works Name: Fate/Grand OrderCharacter: ScathachColor: Picture ColorStyle types: Game Cosplay CostumesInclude:Dress+fake collar+crown hair accessories+collar+black velvet red bow+fur collar+pantyhose Size:MLXLHeightcm155-160160-165165-170Bustcm/inch82-85/33.3-33.586-89/33.9-359..


Fate/Grand Order She...

$143.80 Ex Tax: $143.80

Works Name: Fate/Grand OrderCharacter: Sherlock HolmesColor: Picture ColorStyle types: Game Cosplay CostumesInclude: Coat+Shirt+Vest+Shawl+Bow Tie+Waistband+Leg Belt+Gloves+Trousers Size:SMLXLXXLHeightcm165-170170-175175-180180-185185-190Bustcm/inch82-85 /32.2-33.486-89 /33.8-..

Fate/Grand Order She...

$149.80 Ex Tax: $149.80

Works Name:Fate/Grand Order Character:Sherlock HolmesColor: Picture ColorStyle types:Game Cosplay CostumesInclude:Coat+Shirt+Vest+Shawl+Tie+Waist+Leg band+Gloves+Trousers Size:SMLXLXXLHeightcm165-170170-175175-180180-185185-190Bustcm/inch82-85/32.3-33.586-89/33.9-3590-93/35.4-..

Fate/Grand Order Tom...

$121.80 Ex Tax: $121.80

Works Name: Fate/Grand OrderCharacter: Tomoe GozenColor: Picture ColorStyle types: Game Cosplay CostumesInclude: Trousers+Kimono Coat+Ornaments On Cuffs And Sleeves+Kimono Linen+Sleeveless Knitting Shirt+Shoulder Armour+Mitten+Hand Armor+Waistband+Belt Ornament+Golden rope+Bowknot Of The Back+Headdr..

Fate/Stay Night Tama...

$79.80 Ex Tax: $79.80

Works Name:Fate/Stay NightCharacter:Tamamo No MaeColor: Picture ColorStyle types:Game Cosplay CostumesInclude:Coat+Skirt+Sleeve+Headwear+False collar+Collar+Girdle+Ribbon+Sock+Underwear Size:XSSMLXLHeightcm145-150150-155155-160160-165165-170Bustcm/inch74-77/29.1-30.378-81/30.7..


Girls Frontline Welr...

$146.80 Ex Tax: $146.80

Works Name: Girls Frontline Character:Welrod Mk.2Color: Picture ColorStyle types:Game Cosplay CostumesInclude:Coat+Tube top+Shorts+lace underwear+Outer skirt+inner skirt+necklace+Headband+Headdress bow+Belt+earring+Right leg+Waist flower+gloves Size:SMLXLHeightcm150-155155-160..


Identity V Emma Wood...

$64.80 Ex Tax: $64.80

Works Name:Identity V Character:Emma WoodsColor: Picture ColorStyle types:Game Cosplay CostumesInclude: Shirt+Jeans+Apron+Cuff+Gloves+Belt+Bag+Straw hat+Brim of a hat Size:XSSMLXLHeightcm145-150150-155155-160160-165165-170Bustcm/inch74-77/29.1-30.378-81/30.7-31.982-85/33.3-33...

Kantai Collection J-...

$89.80 Ex Tax: $89.80

Works Name:Kantai CollectionCharacter:J-class Destroyer HMS JervisColor: Picture ColorStyle types:Game Cosplay CostumesInclude:Coat+Sleeveless collarless dress+Collar+Small bow+Sock+Gloves+Hat+Hat+Bow Size:XSSMLXLHeightcm145-150150-155155-160160-165165-170Bustcm/inch74-77/29.1..

NieR:Automata A2 Sia...

$74.80 Ex Tax: $74.80

Works Name:NieR:AutomataCharacter:A2Color: Picture ColorStyle types:Game Cosplay CostumesInclude:Coat+Siamese gloves+Pants Size:XSSMLXLXXLXXXLHeight cm155160165170175180185Bustcm/inch81-84/31.9-33.186-89/33.9-3591-94/35.8-3797-103/38.2-40.6107-112/42.1-44.1113-116/44.5-45.7117..

Nonhuman School Chan...

$61.80 Ex Tax: $61.80

Works Name: Nonhuman SchoolCharacter: Ghang'eColor: Picture ColorStyle types: Game Cosplay CostumesInclude:Skirt+necklace+Rabbit breast Size:SMLXLHeightcm150-155155-160160-165165-170Bustcm/inch78-81/30.7-31.982-85/33.3-33.586-89/33.9-3590-93/35.4-36.6Waistcm/inch59-62/23.2-24...

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